Learn to Apply Your Photo Skills to Video

Learn methods and techniques for capturing motion, planning out shots, and harnessing the power of audio in creating…

The CalArts Music Tech Program is a True STEAM Education

There’s a lot of talk about STEAM education, but what’s that actually look like in practice?

5 Questions You Should Ask in Every Job Interview

Johanna Perri talks about the minimum 5 questions she expects to hear in every job interview.

Generating Expressive Movement With a Neural Network

One of the most exciting applications for neural networks is in real-time generation, like music and animation.

Mequitta Ahuja: Presenting Representation

Ahuja's figure paintings insert a shim between the viewer and the figure, exposing the process of witnessing itself.

p5.js Crash Course II: Pumpkin Wave

Just in case you were wondering how we made that pumpkin animation.

14 Defining Moments in Video Game History

Risky product designs and trial-and-error commercial success inevitably lead to major breakthroughs in quality.

Benji Rogers Knows “What Blockchains Are Actually Good At”

He refers to the excitement to build blockchain into everything as "kind of schizophrenic," but he's founded a company…

How Geometric Perspective Can Go Beyond Simple Seeing

Perspective as a graphic technique is much older than some think, dating back millennia.

6 Project Ideas to Help You Learn Creative Code

The thought of starting on your first project as a learning developer can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

8 Legendary Illustrators in the World of Comics

The powerful heroes and villains, super and regular, that come from the pages of comic books are some of the most…

Kannu Partner Profile: Portfolio Studio

The motive isn’t necessarily to replicate the traditional classroom experience, but ensure quality without sacrificing…

Program Launch: Introduction to Motion Design

In our much anticipated program Introduction to Motion Design, you’ll learn how to use essential creative tools to…

How Does The Whitney Engage the Modern Museum-Goer?

Most museums offer self-guided tours that allow visitors to view artwork at their own pace. But does everyone really…

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11 Key Figures in Film and TV Animation

To make it in the imaginative but prestigious animation industry takes a high caliber of artistry and a keen eye for…

p5.js Crash Course: Recreate Art You Love

Coding is best learned by doing: take a complex system, break it down into parts you can handle, and then rebuild it.