Whether it’s to advance your professional work or improve your artistic practice, learning to develop audio software and plugins requires some expert insight. This is where completing an in-depth and high quality course, taught by industry leaders, can help to support your learning and boost your skill set, portfolio, and in turn your career.

But how do you know which course is right for you and if it’s any good?

A great course is structured to emulate the natural learning progression of audio plugin development. By starting with the foundations and basic principles, students can quickly move on to writing the code that underpins the plugins, before developing their own plugin with a sleek and intuitive UI design. With guidance from respected software engineers, students can be assured that the course content is relevant and reflects current industry standards.

Benefits of a great course at-a-glance:

  • Content by recognized industry experts
  • Access to a relevant and exclusive curriculum
  • Opportunities to join in forum discussions
  • Verified certificate endorsed by the provider
  • A portfolio of work that can easily be shared.

Output Teaches Creating Audio Plugins with C++ and JUCE

Developed in partnership with Output, Creating Audio Plugins with C++ and JUCE will teach students how to create their own industry-grade audio plugins (VST/AudioUnit/AAX), ready for the studio and stage. This entire course is taught in C++ and JUCE – the industry standards in the field. 

Output is recognized as one of the leading audio development companies in the music industry, and this in-depth Program offers an inside look at their process for developing innovative plugins. Students are guided through lesson content and hands on assignments by expert software engineers and sound designers, sharing their tried and tested knowledge. 

Program Schedule

Students will complete 8 sessions, with 6 hours of work per session. Divided into two courses, students will explore the fundamentals of audio plugin development before progressing to more advanced development aspects. Throughout the many elements covered, learners will leave knowing how to:

  • Architect modular industrial-grade plugins from scratch
  • Implement DSP and effects like delays, choruses, and more
  • Creating your own finished audio plugin complete with sleek, reusable, and automatable user interfaces and controls.

Why learn audio plugin development with Output and Kadenze?

Kadenze is the global leader in online learning in creative technology, providing courses in a wide array of subjects like software programming/coding, machine learning, and more, in music and the visual arts.

This Program is ideal for artists, producers, and music technologists interested in sharpening their creative exploration of audio plugin development. It is suitable for those starting out and for those seeking to fine tune their skills to an expert level. Plus learning tricks and tips from the recognized software leaders at Output will put you a step ahead of the rest!

Key takeaways from the Program include developing fluency in JUCE and knowledge of audio plugin architecture. Students will also develop a strong understanding of DSP and GUI programming through C++.

Developing your own audio plugin and understanding the software involved couldn’t get easier than through a Program like this! 

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