Kadenze for Business

Empower your workforce with creativity and applied skills using courses from leading institutions and experts.

Learn How to Design and Compose Synthesizer Sounds

This course will help you build on your skillset through an in-depth look at more sophisticated techniques.

Learn How to Produce Virtual Reality Experiences in Unity and Beyond

This course will cover the theoretical foundation and hands-on projects needed to learn how to create VR experiences.

New Year, New Portfolio

Host all your creative work in one simple place.

Learn How to Develop Audio Plugins in Our Upcoming Program

We've joined forces with Output to build a two-course Program in professional audio plugin development.

Kadenze Partners With Major Arts Organizations for Teaching Artistry

This four-course online Program is designed for beginners in the field, but it isn't just straightforward pedagogy.

Learn How to Draw and Design Architecture, Digitally

Modern architecture is guided by algorithmic and generative design approaches, and much of that design is digital.

In Development: MICA’s Complete Online Program in Graphic Design

Horne and Lupton are returning to challenge designers to build ethical, sustainable, and rewarding creative practices.

Learn How to Read Music and Play the Piano Online

Video submissions mean you'll get hands-on experience playing, and feedback from professional pianists.

Learn to Apply Your Photo Skills to Video

Learn methods and techniques for capturing motion, planning out shots, and harnessing the power of audio in creating…