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Still Life: An Interview with Designer Tim Parsons

SAIC's Tim Parsons talks project ideas, his routine at the studio, and designing for the future.

Dissonant Whimsy: An Interview With Artist Yuliya Lanina

Multimedia artist Yuliya Lanina's art not only entrances viewers, but transports them to an unseen world.

Mark Isham: Sounds of All Kinds

We talked analog synths, vinyl, film, and how he keeps the creative pace up.

Mequitta Ahuja: Presenting Representation

Ahuja's figure paintings insert a shim between the viewer and the figure, exposing the process of witnessing itself.

Benji Rogers Knows “What Blockchains Are Actually Good At”

He refers to the excitement to build blockchain into everything as "kind of schizophrenic," but he's founded a company…