Photo by Kumiko SHIMIZU on Unsplash

It is Black Friday sale season once again. This sale season is happening in the year of the ‘omnishambles’, that evocative word invented by the Brits to capture the mayhem caused by global deaths from a pandemic, climate emergencies, demands for racial equality and justice, rising inequality, global trade tensions, bitter cuts to higher education and punishing lost opportunities for many of the world’s artists and designers. Our ‘omnishambolic’ and ‘covidblue’ lives have been made worse by the poor judgment of many leaders who have amplified the disorder or chaos with disastrous consequences.

Yet the more optimistic of us can see faint flickers of stability and predictability on the horizon and so to magnify them, this sale season, Kadenze is opening up our catalogue of programs to the world… for a mere $10.00 USD.* Yes, a 24-hour promotion which ends tomorrow November 26, 2020 at 9:00am PST so you can seize the future of creative education with certainty and little cost. Our programs are mature and coherent packages of study, delivered by industry experts to set stable and predictable foundations for future creative work.

This offer to build longstanding skills and knowledge is not merely a nostalgic yearning for simpler, more comforting times. Rather it is essential for our creative futures. Over two hundred years ago the great Immanuel Kant reminded us that the most telling creative works do “not to spring from imitation”. They arise through a creative imaginations struggle to produce “something for which no definite rule can be given”. He called that capability ‘genius’.

To power on from the omnishambles of 2020 (a year of less than perfect vision), Kadenze offers learners everywhere the opportunity to stabilise their skills and knowledge, to engage with ‘rules’ of their discipline; not to imitate them, but to break them. To create mass genius. For, as the heavens know, the days ahead will demand all the creative genius the world can muster.

Our Programs normally cost between $200 and $900 and cover topics in graphic design, music/synthesis/production, animation, machine learning, video & motion graphics, creative coding, fashion, and more.

* Premium Membership Required