We’re excited to announce the launch of three new Micro-courses in Music:

  • Computer-Assisted Music in Python, presented by Marc Evanstein, USA
  • Exploring North Indian Classical Music: Part 1 Acquaintance, presented by RagaSphere, India
  • Exploring North Indian Classical Music: Part 2 Appreciation, presented by RagaSphere, India

Marc Evanstein is a composer and pianist whose music takes inspiration from mathematics, physics and the natural world. His new Micro-course, Computer-Assisted Music in Python introduces students to the exciting world of algorithmic and computer-assisted composition using Python.

Marc’s course introduces you to SCAMP (Suite for Computer-Assisted Music in Python), Marc’s newly developed invention which makes it possible to create music with an ensemble of virtual instruments. Ultimately, SCAMP can be used both to create acoustic, notated music and to produce electronic music by communicating with external applications or sound synthesis languages like SuperCollider and Max/MSP. Future Micro-courses will explore this endless array of possibilities!

In this micro-course, once you become acquainted with SCAMP and with the fundamentals of Python programming (eg. variables, loops, functions), the emphasis shifts to exploring the potential of these concepts for musical creation. So, if you’re brand new to coding or to Python, you will have an opportunity to learn the basics. On the other hand, if you have a background in programming, this course will be an opportunity to focus on the musical potential of Python, and on getting to know the SCAMP framework.

Marc’s work has been featured in festivals and conferences throughout the USA and internationally. He studied Music and Music Technology at Stanford University and recently completed a Master’s in Media Arts and Technology and a PhD in Composition at UC Santa Barbara.

Our two new Micro-courses Exploring North Indian Classical Music are presented by RagaSphere, India; a team of musicians and music lovers with professional backgrounds in Engineering, Information Technology, and Media. RagaSphere uses technology and multimedia to help the curious and serious listener understand the basic concepts and finer nuances of Indian Classical Music. The author of these courses is Nitin Amin, a passionate music educator and co-founder of RagaSphere. First trained as an engineer, Nitin has a Master’s degree in Music and is a performing flautist in Hindustani Classical Music.

Exploring North Indian Classical Music: Part 1 Acquaintance introduces students to the scale and inter-relationship of musical notes as well as the concepts of the Raga which deals with the melodic element of music and the Tala which represents the rhythm. Understanding these abstract concepts is embodied for students through the experience of singing or playing an instrument along with a series of practice exercises.

Exploring North Indian Classical Music: Part 2 Appreciation shares with students what happens in a performance, revealing how the element of improvisation imbues North Indian Classical Music with mystical surprise. The Micro-course demonstrates how the Raga and Tala form the composition, which is then used as a tool to improvise and expand in performance. Examples of vocal and instrumental performances are explored.

While these Micro-courses will help listeners everywhere experience North Indian Classical Music better, they are designed also to help musicians of other genres of music enhance their performance skills. Together these two Micro-courses open up a rich world of music tradition and you will join RagaSphere’s worldwide community dedicated to the appreciation and enjoyment of a classical Indian music performance.

These new Micro-courses are the latest instances of Kadenze’s commitment to delivering exceptional online courses and Micro-courses across a range of music disciplines and technologies. So whether you are a student, a performer, or a listener curious to learn, come to Kadenze.com, your go-to partner for Music Courses, Programs and bite-sized Micro-courses.

To celebrate the launch, the Micro-course Computer-Assisted Music in Python is on sale for $USD30.00 – that’s $10 off the original price of $USD40.00. But only until October 1, 2021. Discover the Micro-course now and enrol to start learning!

To celebrate the launch, the Micro-course Exploring North Indian Classical Music: Part 1 Acquaintance is on sale for $USD25.00 – that’s $50 off the original price of $USD75.00. But only until October 1, 2021. Discover the Micro-course now and enrol to start learning!