Photo by Edwin HOOPER on Unsplash

One year on and the pandemic remains. Along with the many signs of distress we see around us, we note the ravages of COVID-19 on our creative colleagues world-wide. How long can the arts remain temporarily closed? What will be left standing when we finally arrive at the ‘new’ creative normal? How can we prepare for that abnormal future?

Many are stepping up by learning and studying, driving an explosion in demand for learning online and at home.  

Kadenze, Inc. (“Kadenze”) too is stepping up by increasing our support for creative communities and learners across the globe. We are slashing the prices of all our programs for the foreseeable future (“special pricing”). Each program has been reduced in price, savings are up to 60% in some cases!

Graduates of the creative arts, design and creative technology are best placed to create, collaborate and navigate the world’s complexities and so our industry and university partners have helped us deliver programs which explicitly address the 21st century global skills challenge. Kadenze programs are designed by these institutional partners dealing with in-demand workplace skills.

What Kadenze Programs offer

There are programs for everyone. Some will prepare school leavers for further study. Others will enable young creatives to develop core knowledge and current skills to enter their chosen workplace, while more experienced and mid-career professionals can extend the currency of their skills and expand their career opportunities through professional development. Our uniquely curated programs will help you become a specialist in the specific subject of your choice.

Rich with real world illustrations, case studies and practical activities, each program connects multiple related courses (programs consist of between 2 to 5 courses), to provide complete and comprehensive learning in the topic. Creative projects and expressive works are forged and shared in Program galleries and then uploaded to your Portfolio for sharing with the world. The choice is yours.

Our students enjoy being part of an online community of creative practitioners and feel at home with the interactive engagement and easy functionality of the platform. 

“The Kadenze experience is a bit special; it is made by artists for artists, so it feels different, in a good way.”

Lifelong Protection with Premium Membership

Programs are available only to Kadenze’s Premium Members. As a Premium Member you will be entitled to access our additional Premium courses in fields of your choice, and all while your Premium Membership, priced at US$20.00 per month, is current.

Self-Inoculation at an everyday price

Kadenze was founded to make high quality college-level education available to all. These latest moves, reducing Program prices, and extending the benefits of Premium Membership, is a global milestone in making higher education more affordable and accessible for designers, musicians, creative programmers, visual, screen artists or teaching artists everywhere.  

Create now by learning now. Browse our Program catalogue in design, visual arts, screen entertainment, animation, film, music, digital arts, creative technologies and machine learning, career readiness and entrepreneurship here.