When we speak about the imagination we used to connect it to writing fiction because people think that a good imagination is important for writers, including the writers who create an essay at the online service EssayShark. However, we often miss one important thing which is based on the fact that we need good imagination not only for writing books but also for the effective process of reading new information. 

It must be considered that imagination can help to perceive better not only fictional stories, but any kind of information. Imagination is a key to brain-boosting, as it helps to develop creative skills and to memorize information in a faster way. This article provides you with an explanation of why imagination cannot be underestimated and why it is important for your brain to use your imagination more often.

Imagination is not only about fiction

We often hear from other people that they do not have a really good imagination and it is more comfortable for them to work, for example, with statistics or facts. These people consider themselves to be non-creative, so they think that if they choose the field for work which is not related to the necessity to write music or stories, so they do not need their imagination. The truth is that all of us use imagination every day. Imagination allows us to perceive all kinds of information because in the case if we do not use our imagination we can understand only that knowledge which is based on our personal experience, so we are very limited without our imagination in this world.

Imagination is key to creativity

There is no secret that in the modern world, creativity is a key to success in every field, so if you want to be a great professional in any industry, you should develop your creativity and solve all the problems using your imagination. Imagination allows people to analyze the situations which are not related to the real order of things, so it makes the process of a solution to be more effective and faster. With the help of imagination, you can take into consideration all possible scenarios for the particular situation and predict consequences for each possible solution, and analyze how it can impact the initial order of things in general.

Imagination and dreams

Dreams can be considered as part of the process which is related to the work of imagination. It means that because of our imagination we can see dreams, but also it is related to the way in which our subconscious works with the help of existing knowledge, memories, and imagination. 
Imagination and the process of dreaming can impact the existing memories and turn them in the way which gives us a brand new perspective and point of view on the information which we already know.

Imagination and dreams in this context is key to brain-boosting because we can develop a new way of thinking for the knowledge which seems common to us, but while we are dreaming our imagination works in the way which is unexpected for us, so it can have a positive impact on the creative abilities and the effectiveness of working processes for our brains.

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Imagination and empathy

Imagination can help our brains to work better, but it is not only about academic or career achievements. It also can help us to understand other people better and develop a higher level of empathy. When we read books we can imagine how it feels to be and to live like a particular character. We think in the way in which the character does, so we understand him or her better. In real life, we can use our imagination in order to understand other people better. We can think about the way in which the writer thinks when he or she creates characters for books. 

In order to develop a higher level of empathy, we can think about a particular person using our imagination and think about what kind of character in the book this person can be related to. Also, we can think deeply and imagine the causes and the factors which had an impact on the person in the past. If we think that an individual is a bad person, we can try to understand this person better with the help of imagination and develop different scenarios that can justify his or her actions. These strategies can help not to judge other people but understand them better with the help of imagination. These exercises can help your brain to work in a more effective way and develop better communication skills, as you will have a great ability to think in the way other people think and understand them better in different aspects.

Imagination is a brain-booster which provokes you to think

This is the most important thing about imagination as a key to brain-boosting. When you use your imagination, your brain works in the most effective way, as you generate ideas with the help of different senses, and visualization is the part of it. Your imagination can be boosted with the help of particular smells or noises. For example, when you smell something tasty you imagine pictures of this dish or you can imagine the taste of this thing, so your brain works using different senses. Also, when you hear some noises you can imagine what can cause them or you see the way in which this noise was created. It is a useful and important thing which is related to the necessity to think all the time and to use the abilities of your brain in order to make it work better.

So, if you still think that imagination is only a part of the process of creation of fiction, consider this information. You need to use your imagination and you use it every day even when you do not think about it. Imagination is a powerful brain-booster because it makes you think in the way which is not standard for people. Imagination can help you to find solutions that can be considered unexpected by your brain, but your imagination can create scenarios that solve problems in the most effective way. We can operate the information which is related to our experience and real knowledge, but the rest of the information we get with the help of our imagination, so it is a crucial factor which has a great impact on the way in which the brain works. 

Empathy, creative skills, and better brain work – all these aspects can be improved with the help of imagination, as it is tightly connected to all these factors and have a great impact on the process of your thinking.

Matthew Finnighan, Freelance Writer

Matthew Finnighan is a freelance writer for multiple educational institutions. He’s been working in this field for more than 5 years now. He has been studying psychology which allows him to conduct research on this topic. 

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