Kadenze, Inc. has recently entered entered a close working relationship with MeVero, Inc. for the kadenze.com platform. Their platform MeVero helps people identify their passion and seek resources to help them fulfill it. Powered by AI technology, MeVero hosts applications, courses, and educational tools to help learners pursue their goals and collaborate with an online community.  

Here’s what MeVero co-founder and CEO Kaushik Banerjee has to say about MeVero and their vision for the next generation of educational technology.

The Pursuit of Dreams—that’s what life’s about. Or, at least… this is what’s been drilled into our heads. From an early age, we’ve been inundated with stories about people who earned wealth and fame. The stories inspired us to emulate these individuals, to explore possibilities in different fields, and to strive to be as successful as they were. All the hype about achievement and success affected us on a deep psychological level and stoked a desire to leave our mark on the world.

To make the pursuit of passions effective for the many, strangers must come together spontaneously in an atmosphere of giving and cooperation. In the absence of such an open and collaborative atmosphere, it’s de rigeur for those striving to follow their passions to succumb to various barriers. These barriers include external constraints to one’s progress forced by dysfunctions in the environment and psychological challenges that surface within oneself due to negative experiences. 

There are six external barriers commonly faced in the pursuit of passions:

  • Resource constraints or the inability to access knowledge, tools, infrastructure or funds
  • Trust deficit or the inability to reach the right people
  • Isolation or the inability to find moral support or guidance
  • Oppression or the suppression of freedom
  • Prejudice or injustice in human relations due to one’s identity attributes
  • Bias or the tainted evaluation of one’s work 

These external barriers loom before us like huge mountains—making it exceedingly difficult to progress in the pursuit of our passions. Additionally, we experience ‘inner’ or psychological barriers owing to various setbacks in our lives. These inner barriers are toxic dumps of negative thoughts and emotions that cloud our minds and prevent us from moving forward in life.

There are 4 major psychological barriers that prevent us from effectively pursuing our passions:

  • Failure or propensity to avoid taking further risks due to an unsatisfactory outcome
  • Loss or propensity to cling to the past
  • Expectations or propensity to avoid challenges in order to maintain an existing stereotype 
  • Addiction or propensity to immerse oneself in harmful consumption due to unmet needs

In a barrier-free world, every motivated human being could easily access the opportunities, resources and help they need to progress. Such a world would behave like a giant incubator of passions–nurturing and spawning a dynamic ecosystem of ideas. Human society would be transformed from a ‘world of tribes’ into a ‘planet of passions.’ What would this world look like?

In a world driven by passions, doing and experiencing things that people care about would be socially incentivised, more than having or consuming things. 

When we transition from a consumerist society to a ‘purpose-driven’ world, it will become easier for the average human being to lead a life of meaning. This is because in such a world, the individual’s desire to own things would be subsumed by his love for his passion and a burning desire to constantly do things in the field.

The only foreseeable way in which this vision can be implemented right now is through the digital realm. This is why I have founded MeVero, the world’s first digital incubator for the pursuit of passions. It is the first step towards shaping a world where every life is meaningful. How does MeVero work?

MeVero is a platform that provides tools and applications to fulfill all major priorities in the pursuit of passions. These priorities are: learning, coaching, working, earning and financing. The barriers that thwart people generally surface during the pursuit of these priorities. This is why we are providing a bouquet of virtual tools and applications—organized around different priorities—to help people achieve their passion goals. In addition, we are introducing an AI-based guidance system along with a crowd-based feedback mechanism to help improve one’s performance. A few of these tools and applications are:

  • The Learning Centre to help people learn how to overcome barriers
  • Digital Passion Library to gather knowledge
  • Courses to build skills
  • Experts to acquire expertise
  • Life Navigators for coaching and personal development
  • Veda, the AI Life Coach, to help identify one’s passion
  • Goal setting for defining passion goals                
  • Fireside to make a human connection
  • Workspace for collaboration and creation
  • Marketplace for showcasing and monetising talent
  • Stream for personalised guidance for effective progress 

Online, you will find many applications that are similar to the ones I’ve listed above. However, they are isolated–making the pursuit of passions disjointed, and consequently, inefficient. For the first time in the digital world, these applications have been organized in one platform under 5 priorities. For the first time, these applications incorporate the use of both human and AI inputs to help a person effectively progress in his field.

Once a person starts to use the MeVero platform, they will discover that the path to achieve their goals has become much clearer. They will know everything that they need to do, how to do it, and what to expect once their milestones are met. The constant feedback and bonhomie from their peers will provide them with encouragement and moral support, bolstering their self-belief. The AI-based personalised guidance system will not only keep them abreast of the latest trends and developments, but will always provide them with valuable inputs to improve his or herself.

No longer do you have to depend on the good graces of others to progress in your field of passion. Finally, you have the power to shape your destiny. 

Use it well.