October is the perfect time of the year to channel mischief, mayhem, and malevolence into your art. Whether it’s ghosts, witches, monsters, or whatever wicked imagery you prefer, there’s countless ways you can tap into the Halloween spirit (no seance required).

Browse through the following list of devious drawings from the Instagram artist community.

Hoo goes there? Take a look at all the intricate line work in @cahtzee’s digital drawing, Inktober Day 28, “Owl”

Ary by @cahtzeex3

This isn’t just your ordinary caramel apple.

Art by @artbybrunaribeiro

What a haunting illustration from @rimfrostusillustration for Inktober Day 7 theme, “Shush”.

Art by @rimfrostusillustration

This drawing from @paolazoart is titled “Pumpkin’s Potion”. How did that pumpkin get in there? 

Art by @paolazoart

A modern day horror story…

Art by @wadimpetunin

Vampiric vintage vibes anyone? Artist @evdbart explains: “Markus is dramatic, even for a creature of the night.” 

Art by @evdbart

Artist @beejaedee on the inspiration behind her illustration: “I’ve made a point to watch Young Frankenstein at Halloween time for the last few years and I love it more and more each year.” 

Art by @beejaedee

A wistful drawing by @localghostart titled “lost”

Art by @localghostart

“A scuba diver and a few fish have been lured by a strange glow!”

Art by @shanapoly

“Waiting for October…”

Art by @lauresillus

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