Getting Started With p5.js

The biggest hangup for one of the easiest frameworks to get into became: how do I actually use the thing?

How to Play Duets With Your Computer, Using Magenta MIDI

Magenta is a project from the Google Brain Team that tries to answer the question: "Can we use machine learning to…

Course Launch: Contemporary Museum Education

Presented by the Pratt Institute, the course will cover topics such as museum educational initiatives and evolution of…

The Birth of Dada

Dada was meant to shock, confound, and present a new strain of avant-garde art that wanted to critique society as much…

The Boo Factor: How CGI Plays Into Horror Films

Although small, the implementation of computer generated imagery (CGI) has crept its way into the production of horror…

Brand New Site-Wide Gallery

The Gallery is home to all types of student-submitted content, including images, videos, audio, and text.

Learn Digital Fabrication from Kadenze Academy & Autodesk

Learners will study the techniques, advantages, and disadvantages of fabrication with different approaches like laser…

Type That Does Stuff

Though it’s grounded in illustration, type isn’t always static.

How Much Should You Charge as a Freelancer?

The price of a billable hour seems easy to find at first, but how do you weigh in everything? Expenses? Expertise?…

Teachable Machine Gives You Code-Free Machine Learning

Through simple physical gestures, the experiment offers a fun, kinetic way to learn about machine learning online…

Close-up of credit card

Freelance and Be Free (From Debt)

Imagine reaching a point in your career where you can say "no" to projects you're not interested in.

Program Launch: The Complete Typographer

"Complete" is no exaggeration: this program will cover the history, geometry, terminology, and technique of both…

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