New Year, New Portfolio

Host all your creative work in one simple place.

8 Things to Keep in Mind When Pursuing a Creative Career

You might fail sometimes, but that doesn't mean you're doing it wrong.

A Starter Guide for Creating A Digital Portfolio

Your portfolio speaks for you, so it's imperative to keep it clean and ready to go.

How Creative Pre-Visualization Helps Videographers Define Style

One of the most important aspects of good videography happens before you even turn the camera on.

Taxes: It’s Going to Be Okay

A superpost of all the U.S. tax changes that could affect your creative career.

Learn How to Develop Audio Plugins in Our Upcoming Program

We've joined forces with Output to build a two-course Program in professional audio plugin development.

Kadenze Partners With Major Arts Organizations for Teaching Artistry

This four-course online Program is designed for beginners in the field, but it isn't just straightforward pedagogy.

Kannu Receives New Awards Based on User Reviews

Kannu won three awards—in functionality, support, and overall recommendation—from software review company Capterra.

Sonic Logos 2017

A look back at some of our tracks from 2017.

Learn How to Draw and Design Architecture, Digitally

Modern architecture is guided by algorithmic and generative design approaches, and much of that design is digital.

In Development: MICA’s Complete Online Program in Graphic Design

Horne and Lupton are returning to challenge designers to build ethical, sustainable, and rewarding creative practices.

Singapore’s SkillsFuture Now Covers Kadenze Programs and Courses

Unlike similar programs in other countries, SkillsFuture has no age cap—lifelong learning is a central tenet.

Learn How to Read Music and Play the Piano Online

Video submissions mean you'll get hands-on experience playing, and feedback from professional pianists.

Learn to Apply Your Photo Skills to Video

Learn methods and techniques for capturing motion, planning out shots, and harnessing the power of audio in creating…

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The CalArts Music Tech Program is a True STEAM Education

There’s a lot of talk about STEAM education, but what’s that actually look like in practice?

5 Questions You Should Ask in Every Job Interview

Johanna Perri talks about the minimum 5 questions she expects to hear in every job interview.