Art by Rebecca Kirby / Instagram

As a comic artist and creator, there are some days when inspiration is hard to come by. One way to help get out of that creative slump is taking a look at other artists’ practices.

Social media platforms, especially Instagram, are great places to start discovering some new visual work by illustrators at every level. There’s a world of creativity flourishing on Instagram, so we picked out some artists that’ll get anyone making comics again.

Rebecca Kirby

Rebecca Kirby’s work instantly transports you into a world of whimsical lines and dream-like colors. Even her still-framed pieces give off a sense of perpetual motion and magic. Rebecca’s comics have been featured on VICE and lists Maxfield Parrish and Hayao Miyazaki as some of her influences.

Art by Rebecca Kirby / Instagram

Follow her on Instagram: @reweki

Eunsoo Jeong

Straying from 2D mediums, Eunsoo Jeong utilizes a combination of hand-crafted figures with digital edits to create her comics. Her work verbalizes characteristics of Korean-American culture and everyday insecurities that generally go unaddressed. Her words are assertive, unabashed and deftly informative.

Art by Eunsoo Jung / Instagram

Follow her on Instagram: @koreangry

Roman Muradov

Roman’s work feel like elegant designs disguised as charming comics. Each panel encapsulates an individual story and can stand on their own as full compositions. Initially a writer, Roman sees his comics as a way for people to visualize his writing by transforming images into abstract narratives.

Art by Roman Muradov / Instagram

Follow him on Instagram: @roman_m

Kathy MacLeod

There’s something very inviting about Kathy’s comics and illustrations. She’s able to translate a range of complex, difficult emotions into simple drawings of thoughtful self-awareness. Kathy is also a freelance artist and makes delightful work for local and NGO businesses based in Thailand.

Art by Kathy MacLeod / Instagram

Follow her on Instagram: @kathy_macleod

Antoine Cossé

Antoine Cossé’s comics evoke a mixture of surrealism and impressionism. The way he creates subtle textures, fine linework, and pastel colors through a variety of mediums like markers, ink, and color pencils resemble the works and tones of Monet and Van Gogh. Cossé paces his comics through rhythm over narrative, but there is still a sense of some fantastical journey unfolding within each frame.

Art by Antoine Cossé / Instagram

Follow him on Instagram: @antoinecosse

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