A portfolio is one of the strongest ways you can can represent your identity as a professional creative. By displaying your best work, you’re sharing your personality, strengths, and accomplishments to a world of future collaborators, business partners, and supporters.

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Fedaa Kamal’s Portfolio

Motion graphics artist Fedaa Kamal specializes in 3D modeling and animation.

Fedaa is currently a senior 2D motion designer and 3D artist. He has been working in the digital signage field for 4 years, which involves designing LED, projections, and other digital forms of billboards and outdoor advertisements. In his creative practice, Fedaa has been utilizing a wide range of industry-standard programs like After Effects, Premiere, Cinema 4D, Maya, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Below are some of the work he’s completed for animation and motion design courses on kadenze.com.

title screenshot
Screenshot from an animated logo design made in Adobe After Effects.
city render
A before and after image of an edited template for a mesh city, textured and rendered using vRay in Cinema 4D.
An assignment from the ‘Introduction to 3D Modeling and Animation with Maya’ course where students render a 3D model of a real world object.
car render
This piece shows a render test with lighting using Cinema 4D.
A 3D simulation of caramel using Realflow with textures and rendering by vRay in Cinema 4D.

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