Despite many industries such as computer science and engineering being male-dominated, interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) subjects among young women is on the rise. Many organizations like Girls Who Code and ThinkSTEAM have played instrumental roles in this by offering programming and support for aspiring female artists and creatives to explore their skills, allowing them to realize their capacity for excellence in these fields.

One of the goals for our own recently launched Women in STEAM & Creative Technology initiative is to make sure that women’s achievements in STEAM fields continue to earn recognition. The push for more inclusive, diverse perspectives is essential to ensuring a constant exchange of innovative ideas.

Here’s a compilation of just some of the outstanding student work created by women in our community.

Fatima Andaluz

Introduction to Motion Design

For this GIF project student Fatima combines different materials to create a visually exciting scene. The green pattern of the origami dolphin along with the central moon subverts the viewer’s expectation and makes the scene enjoyable and intriguing.

Judy Barrass

Introduction to Motion Design

The attention to detail in this Photoshop “Name” assignment tell a captivating story and evokes a mysterious, eerie environment.

Emily Cote

Introduction to Graphic Illustration

Here student Emily displays a composition created with painting and digital drawing techniques. The textured prints and complementary colors make the piece truly pop without one element overpowering the other. Organic, wavelike lines help emulate the fish’s own movement and natural environment.

Alejandra Hernández

This multi-layered track by Alejandra includes features riff and percussive elements, driving a sense of momentum.

Hannah Roast

Comics: Art in Relationship

This submission for an “About Me” assignment effectively captures student Hannah’s playful and introspective artist personality. The muted palette of teal shades and dark hues make this comic cohesive both in tone and presentation.

Claire Aoi

Creative Programming for Audiovisual Art

This creative coding submission employs a symphony of audiovisual elements featuring flashing geometrical figures and colors for a result that feels dimensional and contemporary. The prototype project showcases the versatility and complexity of audiovisual art.

Antonia Rusu

Graphic Design History: An Introduction

Student Antonia puts her own creative spin and injects some much-needed life into a daily office setting. The use of shadows and negative space in the collage helps flatten the 3D dimensional objects to create a striking image.

Riina Palu

Introduction to Graphic Illustration

Striking contrasts and lines reinforce this piece’s message of female empowerment. The visual elements surrounding the figure and variety of shapes create a balanced composition. Riina’s self-portrait invokes innate strength through the presence of natural imagery like the sun and plants.

Gökçe Göbüt

Foundations of Arts and Entertainment Technologies

Student Gökçe combines photography and stop-motion to create this cute and clever animation, with digital elements that make the central subject pop and create a whimsical narrative.

Chloé Blain

Computing Form and Shape: Python Programming with the Rhinoscript Library

A simple concept can go a long way if it’s executed well. In Chloe’s algorithmic design project, dense lines and curves form a set of beautiful, textured birds.

Kayla Anscomb

Introduction to Graphic Illustration

We love the mix of watercolor effects and bold lines in this cute creature comic. The splash of colors in the background ignites the viewer’s own curiosity about the subject’s imaginary world.

The Women in STEAM initiative aims to encourage women to pursue their interest in STEAM and creative technology, provide women opportunities to develop tech skills, and recognize their accomplishments in those fields.

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