Another exciting course launches today! Advanced Audio Plugin Development is the second and final course of the Program Creating Audio Plugins with C++ and JUCE, produced by Kadenze Academy in partnership with Output.

This course builds on foundational theory and techniques covered in the first course, Intro to Audio Plugin Development. Topics covered include advanced project setup, creating audio effects using digital signal processing (DSP) techniques, custom user interface design for plugins, and preset management to get plugins ready to be sold professionally.

The instructor for the course is Output, Inc. software engineer and musician Bruce Dawson. His work is concentrated on music technology applications, such as his recently completed music project “Synchrononometry”, which is oriented around the application of Computer-Aided Algorithmic Composition techniques.

As part of our commitment to providing opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds, Output and Kadenze Academy are joining to offer women and gender non-binary persons an exclusive scholarship for the Creating Audio Plugins With C++ and JUCE Program. Recipients will be awarded with 3 months of free Premium Membership features, including access to graded coursework and the ability to receive verified Certificates of Accomplishment. To learn more about the full requirements and apply, click here.

Advanced Audio Plugin Development is only available to students enrolled in the Program. The course is live now, sign up below and start learning today!

Advanced Audio Plugin Development

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