Delivering high-quality online courses and programs requires attention to every detail. When Kadenze first started out, we found that one of the most overlooked details in online education was sound. So in order to bring you the best, on top of our production, editorial and design processes, we brand each course with a sonic and visual identity.

Our composers come from all over, working with our instructors to bring each course its own flavor. Below, we’ve pulled together an album of course music created in 2017 by Kadenze’s composers in residence.


Much love to all our composers:

Meason Wiley

Jacob Penn

SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram

J Wol

SoundCloud | Twitter

David Howe

Check out David’s light art conglomerate:

Zach Schwartz

SoundCloud | MixCloud | Twitter

Phillipe Pasquier

(That’s right, he wrote the music for his own course!)