More and more photographers are looking to video to expand their skills and keep up with a world constantly on the move. The latest sophisticated cameras and digital technology makes translating those core skills in order to conceptualize, film, and edit videos much easier and faster.

The prospect of creating your first video can be overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start. If you’ve got a solid concept in mind though, it’s enough direction to go on. Pre-visualization describes the pre-production stage that includes storyboarding and defining the narrative structure. For still photographers new to capturing and incorporating motion, considering the mood and energy of images helps determine the overall look of the video.

In this clip, photojournalist and professor Alex Garcia from the School of Visual Arts talks about how students can prepare and execute their concept for a video.

This video comes from the free online course Working with Motion and Time. Ready to upgrade to videography? Enroll now.

Working With Motion & Time

School of Visual Arts