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Colorful prints, leisurely activities, and endless entertainment options are synonymous with the exciting season. Summer has kicked off, and such a relaxed environment is perfect for catching creative rays to channel some fun themes into your artwork.

Featuring topics that celebrate delectable treats and the great outdoors, we have many diverse visual arts courses that capture the summer spirit. Whether you’re into painting, illustration, or creative code, dive in and explore our offerings below to make some playful art.

Fun & Loose Watercolor Florals, Leaves, and Butterflies

Learn to paint botanical works of art inspired by your backyard garden or local park in this Kadenze Academy Micro-course.

Kadenze Academy

The Nature of Code

Make your creative code come to life in more ways than one. This popular course draws from the natural world, focusing on fractals, physics, and mathematical concepts to simulate environmental systems.

Processing Foundation

Nature of Code Polygon

Easy Watercolor Sweets and Treats! Step by Step Beginner Level

Learn how to make delicious desserts, fruits, and other creations based on mouth-watering treats.

Kadenze Academy

Comics: Art in Relationship

Comic adaptations continue to dominate the summer blockbuster landscape. Learn to illustrate dynamic narratives full of unique and exciting characters of your own in this fun course.

California College of the Arts

You Can Draw Anything in 3 Simple Steps

From creative warm-ups to tips for adding style, this course covers all the basics and provides a simple approach for anyone to get into drawing.

Kadenze Academy

Introduction to Graphic Illustration

Build a foundation in graphic design and learn how to use digital drawing tools for making eye-catching prints that pop.

Cornish College of the Arts

graphic illustration