Our Summer of Learning Contest is still running!  

We’re amazed at the responses in the entries you’ve shared, and are thrilled to read about how pursuing creative education has impacted your growth as inspiring artists and creators. 

To help learners continue to move forward in their educational journey, each week we’re giving one winner free 1 month Premium membership, and one Grand Prize winner a free Program of their choice (valued up to $900). 

Premium membership lets you submit assignments, receive grades, earn verified certificates, and join a global online creative community to share your projects with. If you’re looking to upgrade your skill set, broaden your expertise, or jump into a new interest, we want to help you get there!

These are a few highlights from some of our winning entries so far:

“4 months ago I started a course in Kadenze called Web Development and Design Using WordPress, with Spencer Salazar as the instructor in charge. The final assignment demanded students to create a website. At some point of the course I decided I would do it about who I was as an individual… I take it as a chance to have fun and to start asking myself the right questions.”  —Nathaly Toledo, winner #1

“I learned how amazing sound manipulation with different devices is on the course Sound Synthesis Using Reaktor. The demo of controlling a modular synth with an iphone at the beginning of the course really impressed me and made me wanna learn more about this subject.”

Max Chichkan, winner #2

“One of the things I like about Kadenze is the community of students that share their knowledge and thoughts […] The gallery of Kadenze [is] and opportunity to learn more of other professional artists, when you feel that you are stuck in something, you can go and see what others make” Luis Rincon, winner #3

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