Creating a platform where learners of every background can enjoy the arts is our number one focus. This year’s Summer of Learning Contest we witnessed a range of ways in which learners are enriching their lives through the subjects they’re most passionate about. Now that the contest has wrapped up, here’s a rundown of the results. 

Praise for Music Technology and Digital Arts 

The most popular subject among our entries was music technology. Students highlighted courses like Sound Synthesis Using Reaktor, Sound Production in Ableton Live for Musicians and Artists, and Introduction to Real-Time Audio Programming in ChucK for thought-provoking assignments and deep dive of core concepts. Programming courses such as The Nature of Code, Generative Art and Computational Creativity, Web Design and Development Using WordPress, and Programming Max: Structuring Interactive Software for Digital Arts were also top choices.

Helping the Creative Community Thrive

Many participants pointed to an inspired community and learning environment as their favorite features of the platform. In his entry, winner Max Chichkan mentioned how he was so impressed by the demo of a modular synth controller for the Sound Synthesis in Reaktor course that it fostered an interest in him to learn more about it. Entrant Franck Aubry loved his experience taking Machine Learning for Musicians and Artists, especially for its accessibility to learners who come from a non-technical background.

Check out the full list of winners:

1 Month Premium Membership Winners

  • Nathaly Toledo
  • Max Chichkan
  • Luis Ernesto
  • Eduardo Ahumada
  • Franck Aubry

Grand Prize Winner1 Month Premium Membership + Program of choice

  • Ricardo Fuentes

A big thanks again to all the winners and everyone who participated! Keep up with us on our social pages and be on the lookout for more updates. Have a learner success story of your own with Kadenze? Tag us on our social media pages and include the hashtag #Kadenze. You can be the next to be featured on our page!

Start exploring some of the courses yourself and begin sharpening your skills:

Web Development and Design Using WordPress

California Institute of the Arts


Machine Learning for Musicians and Artists

Goldsmiths University of London