Say hello to our newest online course, Working With Motion & Time. The course is a deep dive from photography to videography, and shows you how to think in motion.

While geared towards photographers looking towards expanding their skillset, no background knowledge is required to get involved in this free course. It’s the first in the five-course Program Photographer to Video in Today’s Gig Economy from School of Visual Arts.

This course is taught by Alex Garcia, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist and professor at SVA:

This entire course is going to be about the basics. The basics of the mechanics of creating motion… So I hope it will provide a strong foundation for your video future.

In this course you can expect to learn methods and techniques for capturing motion, planning out shots, and harnessing the power of audio in creating narratives. You’ll also get hands-on experience creating video using these techniques. Further courses in this Program will cover how to pick your gear, who to work with, production and post-production.

Learn more about Working With Motion & Time, a free online course from Kadenze and School of Visual Arts, here:

Working With Motion & Time

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