We’re excited to bring another new course to our catalog! Presented by Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Introduction: Elements of Microgame Design will teach learners the process of creating, expressing, and refining game ideas through working code.

This entry-level course is part of the 3-course Program Digital Game Design: Getting Started with Perlenspiel, which introduces students to the fundamental principles of game programming using Perlenspiel, a cloud-based game engine written in JavaScript. Lessons will cover software engineering and development topics such as basic control functions and application programming interface (API) commands within Perlenspiel. Coding tutorials will teach students how to program and run projects, allowing them to demonstrate their understanding of design practices and implementation.

Teaching the course is distinguished game developer Brian Moriarty, who holds decades of experience in publishing for the gaming industry. Moriarty invented the Perlenspiel gameclavier and authored several video game titles for companies LucasArts and Infocom in the 1980’s, such as Loom, Beyond Zork, and Trinity.

You can find more details about the Digital Game Design: Getting Started with Perlenspiel Program here. The first offering begins tomorrow, so join the course for free below:

Introduction: Elements of Microgame Design

Introduction: Elements of Microgame Design

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