Announcing a new free architectural design course: Digital Drawings: Points, Lines, Curves is part 1 of University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ new Program, Fundamentals of Digital Design for Architecture. This course is taught by Joshua Vermillion, Assistant Professor at UNLV. He’s also the co-founder of i-MADE, an applied research & immersive learning institute.

The course consists of a series of lessons and drawing exercises which cover the fundamental pieces of architectural design. Through points, lines, curves and collage, students will not only learn the tools, but also learn about the deeper algorithmic and generative design approaches that guide so much of modern architecture.

Students who enroll in the full Program will go on to learn advanced modeling techniques, and how to synthesize what they’ve learned into full-fledged projects and prototypes that will help them build a professional portfolio.

This course is available now, and free to audit! Go to Session 1 to learn about rules-based drawing.

Learn more about Digital Drawing: Points, Lines, Curves, an online course from Kadenze and University of Nevada, Los Angeles, here:

Digital Drawings: Points, Lines, Curves

University of Nevada Las Vegas