Our newest Program is available now: The Basics of Teaching Artistry. Created by Kadenze Academy in partnership with three major performing institutions—Lincoln Center, Sydney Opera House, and Queensland Performing Arts Center—the four-course Program is designed for artists and creatives who want to give back, expanding and incorporating their art practice into education.

Teaching Artistry refers to artists and creatives across the world, who seek opportunities to participate in community and cultural development projects. It draws in and supports those who aspire to careers centered on social engagement through the arts.

This intensive program will teach students and creative professionals the skills to integrate arts-centered curriculum in schools, after-school programs, prisons, social service agencies, and more. Students will learn the foundational examples of the teaching artist practice to aid them in creating their own projects.

The first course, Introduction to Teaching Artistry, is live now! Join for free today or check out the first session here.

children connecting photos with string

Introduction to Being a Teaching Artist

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