UPDATE: DigiFab starts tomorrow, April 3! Course 1 covers all the nuts and bolts of digital fabrication, and gets hands-on in Autodesk Slicer. Join now.

Get ready for the newest upcoming Program from Kadenze Academy, DigiFab: Introduction to Digital Fabrication.

This Program is taught by Michael Darling, a sculptor and fabricator based in Los Angeles. His work has been shown around the world, from theater, to film and television, to theme parks. He is also the current Head of Technical Direction for the School of Theater at California Institute of the Arts.

While the history and theory of digital fabrication will be covered thoroughly, this Program is focused on practice. Learners will study the techniques, advantages, and disadvantages of fabrication with different approaches like laser cutting, CNC, waterjet, and of course 3D printing.

All three courses will be centered around (and are sponsored by!) Autodesk technologies. As they say, “Autodesk makes software for people who make things,” meaning they have a plethora of tools for fabricators, architects, animators, designers, and more. This course will use a suite of Autodesk tech to teach a variety of fabrication techniques, and by the end of the third course, learners will have a strong knowledge of how to use Autodesk’s Slicer, Fusion 360, and Meshmixer.

Learn more about the Program here, and to keep up to date, enroll in the first course now—it’s open to all.

DigiFab: Introduction to Digital Fabrication