The third and final course of the DigiFab: Introduction to Digital Fabrication Program is live now! In DigiFab 3D: How and When to 3D Print, students will become familiar with the 3D printing process and learn how to determine its appropriate applications.

This 4-session course will be focused on teaching a base knowledge for 3D printing. Topics that will be covered include virtual creation of 3D objects, preparation of the sculpting workspace, and mixed mesh integration. To expand on their knowledge of Autodesk Slicer and Fusion, students will also receive an introduction to the Autodesk Meshmixer software.

Offered by Kadenze Academy and sponsored by Autodesk, this Program is taught by sculptor and fabricator Michael Darling, and is great for those who want to learn about the aspects of fabrication and technical design. As a Program Exclusive course it is available to students enrolled in the DigiFab Program.

To start learning about 3D printing techniques, enroll in the course now!

DigiFab 3D: How and When to 3D Print

Kadenze Academy