According to a recent study from Kaggle, the data scientist community which was acquired by Google Cloud in 2017, the majority of employed data scientists gained their skills through self-learning or MOOCs vs. traditional degrees in computer science. But it’s not just data scientists who are utilizing online learning to accelerate their careers. As we look back at the state of online learning from the past year and toward 2018, we’re seeing more and more companies, across industries, realizing how important it is to reskill their workforce. After all, it’s the innovative individuals comprising that workforce that are creating the products we love and the experiences and content that move and trigger our emotions.

Today we’re excited to announce Kadenze for Business: providing organizations and companies of all sizes the opportunity to empower their workforce through creative thinking and applied skills. Whether they’re skilling-up or launching into a new role, Kadenze for Business allows you to accelerate your employees’ personal development through our unique catalog of thoughtfully designed courses and Programs, taught by industry leaders and world-class colleges and institutions.

Our group pricing benefits allow companies to select from our extensive catalog of courses and Programs to support your organization’s unique needs, while employees get access to our expert content that will help them stay competitive and inspired. Courses cover the breadth of in-demand topics like machine/deep learning, artificial intelligence, and virtual/augmented/and mixed reality, to creative practices and industries like graphic design, motion/animation, game design, and music.

All of our courses are project-based, developing both hard and soft skills through creative thinking and real-world projects. Learners develop new expertise through active and social learning experiences, unique to’s interactive learning management system.

To learn more about how your company can create a Learning and Development Program with content from the world’s leading institutions and experts, check out and get in touch via the Kadenze for Business site.