Today we’re excited to announce our newest partnership, joining forces with STEAMRole to train the next generation of STEAM professionals. Read the official press release below, or click to tweet and share with others who share our mission!

World-Class Online STEAM Classes, Role Models and Blockchain Technology Combine to Increase and Diversify the Talent Pipeline.


Kadenze, Inc. (“Kadenze”), a social learning platform powered by AI with a focus on providing world-class STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art/design, and mathematics) education in conjunction with top colleges and industry leaders from across the globe, has announced an initiative in conjunction with STEAMRole, a skill and career development mobile app that allows individuals to follow professionals with successful careers in STEAM, and discover the skills needed to launch into their own careers.

Kadenze® and STEAMRole are providing integrated offerings from their respective platforms to improve talent diversity within the workforce of the future. The partnership makes it easy for students and young professionals (aka steamers) to discover dream careers based on the fields they find most interesting. Steamers gain inspiration by following and watching weekly story clips provided by successful STEAM professionals (role models) with similar interests via the STEAMRole App. Steamers are guided to skills checklists or Roadmaps, which detail the skills needed to perform the job of the role model they aspire to become. Roadmaps link the steamer directly to online courses and Programs available on or via Kadenze’s partner-network which utilizes Kadenze’s STEAM-focused Learning Management System, Kannu®.

“The economy of tomorrow will require workers to have both a strong technical background and the ability to think creatively,” says Jordan Hochenbaum, Kadenze’s co-founder and COO. “As we grapple with an economy driven increasingly by automation and AI, innovation demands that we solve increasingly difficult problems by synthesizing hard and soft skills in a way that machines have yet to catch up with. STEAM education provides a foundation by marrying soft skills and creative reasoning with technical and hard skills, preparing individuals to tackle these types of challenges. We’ve spent the last few years building the very best platform and partnerships to deliver STEAM education at scale, and with this new partnership, Kadenze and STEAMRole are making historic progress toward preparing the workforce of the future. Needless to say, but we couldn’t be any more excited!”

Clarence Wooten, STEAMRole’s founder and CEO, says, “We recognize that there is no shortage of information available online to learn skills, but there is a shortage of inspiration. STEAMRole provides context as to why one would want to learn STEAM skills by showcasing the stories and lifestyles of successful STEAM role models. Students and aspiring professionals need to see it, in order to be it. We partnered with Kadenze because of their breath and quality of STEAM classes and teachers. STEAMRole provides the context. Kadenze provides the content. It’s a perfect partnership.”

Steamers will benefit by being directed from the STEAMRole App to Kadenze’s courses and Programs which have been developed through Kadenze’s partnerships with some of the best institutions and industry partners worldwide. To further fuel motivation, STEAMRole gamifies skills learning by awarding steamers RoleCoin for each skill they successfully acquire. RoleCoin is a blockchain-based digital currency that tracks, measures, and rewards the skill and career development progress of its recipient. In an effort to provide further value to Steamers while lowering the cost of learning, Kadenze will begin accepting RoleCoin as payment for eligible courses offered on the platform later this year. Additionally, Kadenze looks forward to integrating RoleCoin’s proof-of-progress protocol to track and report the courses taken by each role model to the blockchain–establishing an immutable record of progress.

About Kadenze

Kadenze brings together prominent colleges, universities, and industry partners from across the globe to provide world leading STEAM focused online courses. Kadenze is preparing the next generation of innovators by marrying soft skills and creative thinking with technical and hard skills, backed by patented machine learning/A.I. assessment. Learners make lasting relationships through the sharing and discovery of inspiring work, prepare for their careers by earning certifications and college credit, and create digital portfolios. All this is made possible by Kadenze’s unique social learning platform.

About STEAMRole and RoleCoin

STEAMRole is a mission-driven company and mobile app that helps the workforce of the future discover whom they can become and how to get there by empowering busy STEAM professionals to become role models – essentially cracking the code on delivering mentorship at scale.

RoleCoin is a blockchain-based digital currency that brings transparency to the $100+ billion in annual STEM/STEAM education spending by providing proof-of-progress as it happens on STEAMRole and the ecosystem of online education providers which accept RoleCoin as payment. Now any foundation, company, impact investor, or organization can give the gift of a role model and watch what happens as a result.

Kadenze® & Kannu® are registered trademarks of Kadenze, Inc.

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