VALENCIA, CA – April 10th, 2019 – Kadenze, Inc. (“Kadenze”) is excited to announce the latest addition to its dynamic range of online courseware products. Kadenze®’s newest product, called Micro-courses, offers learners a specially curated catalog of short, easily digestible courses on, independently developed by educators, creative professionals, and industry experts in a variety of subjects.

Distinguished from regular courses, Micro-courses are shorter, offering compact lessons targeted at specific skills and competencies. Micro-courses offer personalized educational opportunities that are perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle of the modern creative, where new skills are required to stay competitive in the fast-changing creative and cultural industries.

Micro-courses allow learners to interact with their peers and share their work in course galleries, participate in discussion forums, and earn digital badges.

Micro-courses are compact lessons taught by leading educators, artists, creative professionals, and industry experts in a variety of subjects.

Dr. Brad Haseman, Executive Vice President of Kadenze, Inc., notes that “these Micro-courses will share the pure inventiveness of colleagues in the arts and creative sectors like never before. Creative expertise is to be shared with the world — quickly, affordably, and for immediate effect.” He explains, “Creativity is restless and moves quickly, far faster than most formal, long-form courses can incorporate. Not so with these Micro-courses, which are able to swiftly circulate creative know-how and ideas from leading creatives and extend the reach and value of their knowledge.”

Micro-course instructors can benefit from a host of exclusive educational tools, such as training materials, auto-grader features, a suite of data analytics, and more. Micro-courses offer a revenue stream for passionate and authoritative instructors, especially those with powerful content and inspiring, creative heartbeats.

Learners can take Micro-courses to pick up the latest in industry-oriented skills and advance their careers or pursue learning for their own personal interests. The affordable cost of our Micro-courses reflect Kadenze’s commitment to accessible, quality education, with most courses priced significantly below $100 US. Whether it’s expanding your expertise on a topic or re-skilling for a new career, Micro-courses are suitable for all creatives looking to quickly refine and develop their creative skillset.

Micro-courses offer a centralized platform where artists and creative professionals can share their knowledge and monetize their expertise within a collaborative community of open minded, enthusiastic individuals. Learn more about Micro-courses here.

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