kadenze.com is celebrating its 3rd birthday!

We’re proud to offer access to high-quality education to a global community of curious minds. It’s our mission to promote creative thinking and expression across a diverse range of STEAM subjects.

Our courses have explored an incredible range of topics spanning graphic design, machine learning, art history, virtual reality, computer programming, music composition, sound design, and beyond. We are continually inspired by our learners and teachers, their extraordinary original work, and their invaluable discourse concerning all facets of creative practice including financial planning, contemporary pedagogy, social awareness, responsible design, and more.

Looking toward the future, we’re excited to continue the active expansion of our efforts to increase learner success and provide collaboration opportunities for engaged communities. In celebration of our achievements, we want to express thanks to you– our dedicated learners, who motivate us to create courses that help you explore your creative potential.

Here are some highlights of what we’ve been able to accomplish together:

  • The kadenze.com family has grown to include 54 partners!
  • This year we have welcomed world-class cultural centers like the Lincoln Center, Queensland Performing Arts Center and Sydney Opera House to our exceptional list of Higher Educational and industry partners
  • Our catalog now boasts 74 courses, with 22 having launched in 2018 so far, and more to come
  • Learners submitting coursework from over 100 countries

New features and improvements

As you know, kadenze.com is built on top of our Learning Management System Kannu, which is innovating the digital learning space. In the last year alone we launched:

  • kadenze.com iOS mobile app
  • Site-wide gallery where anyone can discover new courses and work being created by our community
  • Site-wide search that searches deep within course content to discover new courses or connect users
  • Re-imagined User Home experience to help keep learners on track and improve engagement and retention
  • A new and improved Coursework Submission experience
  • Enhancements to make it easier for you to build professional digital portfolios
  • A powerful “recommendation engine” that uses machine learning to deliver personalized recommendations like Courses and Programs
  • Soft-cohorts to make it easier for learners to plan for and schedule their courses

Highlights from the Kadenze blog

While originally serving to keep our community up to date on course and platform announcements, the Kadenze Blog has grown immensely and establishes Kadenze as a thought-leader in STEAM. Today, the Kadenze blog is visited by thousands and thousands of people across 194 countries.

Some of our most popular posts include:

Thank you for working toward the future of STEAM education with us, and here’s to a lifetime of learning new things!