Course two of our Program The Basics of Teaching Artistry begins soon! In The Work of Teaching Artists, students will broaden their knowledge of teaching artistry practices by learning to create environments that foster student engagement.

Teaching Artistry is a collaboration between three institutions: Sydney Opera House, Lincoln Center Education and Queensland Performing Arts Centre. The entry-level program is designed for artists and creative professionals seeking to integrate their artistic practice and skills in a variety of educational settings, such as schools and community centers.

Designed by Lincoln Center Education, this 4-session, Program Exclusive course introduces students to the fundamentals of building active learning environments. Students will learn about various teaching approaches, from workshop planning to inquiry methods which promote critical thinking and reflection. Lincoln Center Education concludes the course with seven “Purpose Threads”, a framework that outlines the principles of teaching artistry. By the end of the course, students will be proficient in planning workshops, designing educational activities, and possess the skills to activate the artistry of others and facilitate student engagement.

Enroll and join the community now! Check out The Work of Teaching Artists below:

The Work of Teaching Artists

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