Our second course of the North Indian Classical Music Program is live now! The course will cover the concept of Raga and Tala, building upon fundamental theory, composition, and performance techniques learned in the introductory course.

Students will begin with an in-depth study of the concept of Raga, with an emphasis on its internal structure and aesthetic components. Instruction will continue with an overview of the concept of Tala and its structure. By the end of the course, students will combine their knowledge of these two dominant concepts and their related principles to form an understanding of Bandish, or composition, as a basis of development.

The 3-course program is a collaboration by Universitat Pompeo Fabra, Barcelona and Ragasphere, a collective of Indian musicians and artists dedicated to teaching North Indian Classical music. Unique to the Program is the central feature MusicCritic, a learning assessment tool invented by the Music Technology Group of Barcelona designed to help instructors gauge student progress. Along with instructor feedback, this advanced scoring system provides an objective measurement of students’ performances.

Enrollment is open now! Check out North Indian Classical Music II below:

North Indian Classical Music II

Universitat Pompeo Fabra, Barcelona