Our Gender, Race, and Technology course begins! Created by the University of Texas at Austin, this course investigates obstacles women and minorities experience in STEAM fields and the role inclusivity plays in creating a flourishing, competitive market.

Women and minorities still face barriers that inhibit their opportunities and advancement in these fields. This free online course examines cultural attitudes and how they shape biases in the industry. In addition to history and policy studies, this course contains interviews with renowned professors, CEOs, and creative industry veterans on trends in yesterday’s and today’s tech sector.

Diversity in the creative and technological spaces are essential to the process of producing a rich variety of voices and ideas. Students will learn how informed policies based on inclusivity are shaped by the deconstruction of race and gender stereotypes.

Teaching the course is multimedia artist Yuliya Lanina, whose projects rest on the intersection of art, technology, and social issues. Along with case studies, the course will feature interviews with leading figures on their own experiences and insight navigating their respective fields.

Enrollment for Gender, Race, and Technology is now open. Join for free today or take a look at the first session: The Changing Face of America.

Gender, Race, and Technology

The University of Texas at Austin