Our newest addition to our catalog launches today! Offered by Berklee College of Music, Guitar for Beginners is a free course that takes you through the main concepts and techniques for learning guitar. This course presents simple approaches to get you up to speed in guitar basics such as performance technique and music theory.

Guitar for Beginners is ideal for students with little to no experience with the instrument, and is an excellent way to build the foundational knowledge to start playing. The first lessons will explore the parts of both electric and acoustic guitars, tuning, technique, and fundamental skills. Later, the course dives into music theory concepts, such as scales, triads, and power chords. By the end of the course, students will develop their practice by applying theory to their performances and learn several songs.

The instructor for the course is Thaddeus Hogarth, a professional musician and associate professor at Berklee’s Guitar department. A 2-time Independent Music Award winner for R&B/Blues, Hogarth has shared the stage with famed musicians such as Tower of Power, Ernie Isley, and James Montgomery.

Enroll in Guitar for Beginners below and start learning!

Guitar for Beginners

Guitar for Beginners

Berklee College of Music