VALENCIA, CA – January 29, 2019 – Kadenze, Inc. (“Kadenze”) has announced the appointment of Dr. Brad Haseman, Professor Emeritus Queensland University of Technology (“QUT”), as Executive Vice President and a member of the Kadenze Managing Committee. Brad will be leading initiatives in online learning design and implementing collaborative opportunities with our partners, with the goal of scaling Kadenze’s global reach.

Brad comes to Kadenze after a distinguished career spanning thirty years with the Creative Industries Faculty at the QUT where he was Professor in Drama Education and held a range of senior leadership posts. Most recently he was Assistant Dean (Academic) and in that role was responsible for maintaining and managing the learning system for over 4,500 students and 200 staff in the creative arts and cultural industries. He has been a pioneer of arts education and is known internationally as a teacher and workshop leader (Process Drama), arts researcher (Performative Research) and community engagement practitioner (applied theatre and teaching-artistry). He was awarded the title of Professor Emeritus by QUT in 2018. Brad explains his move to Kadenze:

“I have spent my life in the Arts and in Education. As 2019 dawns it is clear that both sectors can only meet the future head-on if they fully embrace the power of digital technologies. Not as an afterthought nor as ornamentation. Instead the digital, the live, the embodied and the interactive need to fuse to deepen learning and drive social justice. Only one company has that as its core mission – Kadenze, Inc. That’s why I am climbing on board, and with great enthusiasm.”

Dr. Brad Haseman, Executive Vice President of Kadenze, Inc.

Brad’s engagement with digital technologies and online narratives for live performance and arts education first began in 2002 when, with a number of international collaborators, he designed an extensive online process drama in a role-playing Multi-User Domain Object Oriented. Since then he has been a lead researcher on the Australian Research Council funded research project Digital storytelling and co-creative media: coordinating population-wide creative practice (2011 – 2013) and in 2014 Brad led a team of artists and educators to develop a comprehensive web-based platform of resource materials to support the implementation of the Australian National Curriculum: The Arts. He is no stranger in dealing with the challenges of the ‘digital divide’ having led a research project Life Drama – Sexual health promotion in Papua New Guinea from 2008 to 2018.

Over many years Brad has been an invited keynote speaker and workshop leader in the UK, Scandinavia, Papua New Guinea, the US, and South Korea. This includes the London Olympic Arts Festival conference on education, sponsored by The Tate Museums and the Royal Shakespeare Company where he served as a keynote speaker. In 2017 Brad co-authored Dramawise Reimagined (Currency Press, 2017). In 2018 Brad was the lead designer and curator of ‘The Basics of Teaching Artistry’, an online program for Kadenze Academy, designed and delivered in partnership with Lincoln Center Education (New York), The Queensland Performing Arts Centre (Brisbane, Australia) and the Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia).

“With his understanding of the higher education sector, Brad will be leading initiatives in online learning design and implementing collaborative opportunities with our partners, with the goal of scaling up our global reach to ensure our high-quality courses are made as accessible as possible to learners everywhere”, said Ashok Ahuja, CEO & President of Kadenze, Inc. “As a member of the Kadenze Managing Committee, Brad will be instrumental in helping Jordan Hochenbaum, our COO/EVP, and me set the strategic direction for Kadenze, Inc. We are fortunate that Brad has decided to join us”, Ashok continued.

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