As we begin to wrap up our first full year offering online courses, we wanted to look back at some of our biggest. We took to Class Central, which is where we ask all our students to review their courses, to see which ones made a splash. Here are seven of our top-rated courses that launched this year, each with a review straight from our students. If you’re interested in any, just click through—they’ll all be back for 2017.

Creative Applications of Deep Learning with TensorFlow

The instructor seems very active on the forums and even set up a slack for the course. It’s been great, and the homework and notebooks are really easy to follow. So far it has really made me think… Can’t wait to see where it goes!

Learning Outcomes:

  • TensorFlow Construction/Training
  • Understanding Representations
  • Generative Modeling and Synthesis

The Nature of Code

Dan is an unbelievable teacher! I always wanted to go to NYU but in reality I could never afford it. Thank you for sharing this knowledge with the world. I bought your book last year but this class really helped me step through it piece by piece. It is not an easy course. But I can’t believe what I was able to create! The best part was seeing what other students were making at the same time from all around the world. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Vectors and Physics Engines
  • Steering Behaviors
  • Fractals and Genetic Algorithms

Sound Production in Ableton Live for Musicians and Artists

One of the most useful and important classes, learn a lot about Ableton Live and sound synthesis. Thank you Jordan.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Fundamentals of Sound and Digital Audio
  • Mixing and Production
  • Sound Design and Creativity

Comics: Art in Relationship

A lot better than I expected; I learned so much in such a short amount of time. I’d call it invaluable for anyone starting out, or just wanting to go that little bit deeper into the subject matter to further their own skills and techniques. 10/10 – would recommend.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Layout and Story
  • Comics Relationships
  • Time and Space

Programming Max: Structuring Interactive Software for Digital Arts

I am enrolled as a premium member. Can’t believe that the founder of cycling 74 gives a guest appearance in week 1 of course! Session 1 is kind of long, but full of great information. Excited that I get access to this Stanford University course.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Basics of Max Programming
  • Best Practice Solutions
  • Applying Your Skills

Introduction to Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists

I was scared to learn how to program and just wanted to learn how to use a DAW. But my friend told me about this course and it is changing my life! Not only am I learning computer science, but I am learning new ways to make my music.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Computer Programming
  • Objects, Classes, Concurrency, and Events
  • Sound Design and Creativity

Graphic Design History: An Introduction

OK, we cheated a little on this one. Graphic Design History doesn’t have any reviews at time of publication as it’s still running, but the gallery is so great we had to include it. If you’re in the course, review it now!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Theory, Style, and Technique
  • Design Professions and Social Change
  • Design Applications