How Joey Santos is taking Kadenze Courses in Manila

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Joey Santos lives and works in Manila. He is a passionate lifelong learner who has been playing and making music for most of his life. What began as an interest in rock and hip hop, eventually led him to house and trance music. Years later, he now works as the assistant editor for Digital DJ Tips, where he writes articles and videos on topics ranging from gear reviews to DJ tutorials. He is also the mind behind subMNL, a YouTube channel featuring the best of Manilla’s underground electronic music scene.

When you meet Joey, the first thing you notice is just how much energy he has. To say that Joey has a lot on his plate would be an understatement of the extreme variety. But even busy as he is with his music, his editorial work, and his YouTube presence, Joey still manages to take online courses on a variety of subjects. In fact, we first met him when he posted an image of himself taking our Emily Carr course, “Project Management for Designers” taught by Hope Forstenzer.

We recently sat down with him to ask about his experience. Below, is a short excerpt from that conversation.

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The Image that started it all. Kadenze neither confirms nor denies our use of steroids to bring you online learning options.

What first drew you to art?

I’m a musician and writer, so art is intrinsic to what I do

Why were you interested in “Project Management for Designers”?

I’ve taken some project management courses online, but they were all really on the corporate side of things. I’ve read Project Management For Musicians as published by Berklee Press, but it’s still a bit too complex. Hope’s course struck that rare balance between offering insights and useful information in an easy to understand tone.

What were you studying when you first joined Kadenze & what encouraged you to learn with us?

I was over at Lynda and Udemy taking some Final Cut Pro X and branding courses. I’m keen on MOOCs and I always try to take a look at what’s new in the online learning space because my entire adult education is built on it – the moment you stop learning new things is also the moment your skillset begins to devalue.

What has the value of a Kadenze education meant to you?

Kadenze taught me complex material in a way that I could grasp them. That ranks pretty high for me when it comes to taking courses online.

What are your plans for the future, and what’s up next in your education?

I’m working towards a Journalism degree later on and producing my own courses on making music and making a living in the music industry.

Is there any advice you’d like to share with new Kadenze students who are just starting out?

Go through the videos in short bursts, and write stuff down by hand – it makes it easier to remember later on. Also, notetaking helps you synthesise what you’ve learned in a physical way.

To learn more about Joey, visit his website:

Project Management For Designers” is currently live and running. Sign up on Kadenze and start taking control of your creative workflow today.

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