Our mission is to bring art to everybody, and part of that is helping artists (and everybody!) network. We recently launched an online portfolio feature to help people do just that. Each of our premium members has their own dedicated page with unlimited upload space, where they can post their projects and share them publicly, along with profile/contact information and a bio. Whether it’s images, audio, or video, our online portfolio work with whatever medium you use.

So, what does it look like? Check out this excellent portfolio built by our very own Sahir Khan, who’s a graphic designer (and motion graphics wizard) here at Kadenze.

Online Portfolio from Sahir Khan
Sahir Khan’s online portfolio

Sahir has made some incredible graphics for Kadenze, but he’s also done awesome work curating Weird but Dope. Here’s some of the trippy, surreal digital art Sahir’s linked to his online portfolio.

sahir khan man with no face

sahir khan trippy dear
online portfolio - sahir khan wavy

sahir khan mountains

View his full portfolio.

About Sahir

Sahir is a Crafty Californian who studied Graphic Design at CalArts. Over the past few years, he has learned to be well versed in a multitude of styles and has taken on large projects in the fields of Art Direction, Illustration, and Graphic Design. In his free time, he designs and curates for: Weird But Dope. When Sahir isn’t on the grind, you would likely find him chilling with his friends, in search of the next best picnic spot or on Spotify. Sahir enjoys collaboration, and he would love to hear from you about any projects or ideas. If you have an interest in Yugioh and would like to duel, or psychology and would like to suggest him some reading material, or even if you’d simply like to say “Hello,” feel free to drop him a note.

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