One of the best things about working at Kadenze is getting to see the incredible art our members create. We like to share the love with a monthly post of some of the most creative student work from the site. Here are our top picks from February. This month we focused on monochrome visuals and field recording.

Juta Kibildytė

Inside the box of 1996

Juta submitted this narrative self-portrait (with excellent textural variety) for Intro to Graphic Illustration.

Jordi Sala

Sound Walk to University of Vic

In Introduction to Sound and Acoustic Sketching, students go on sound walks. These are basically mobile field recordings that let students share their environment with the world. Jordi’s is at Universitat de Vic, in Barcelona.

Junyi Sha

Two Random Walkers

The first assignment for Nature of Code asks students to create objects that travel around with a mind of their own—this is Junyi’s example.

Brian Schuck

Kentucky Country Factory

Brian’s walk for Intro to Sound and Acoustic Sketching went through a factory area, with warm, repetitive sounds and dense noise.

Rosalind Fussell

Ashes to ashes, bones to must

Yikes! Rosalind submitted this for Comics: Art in Relationship. There’s such fluid pacing and drama in this page.

Michael Fitzgerald

Winter in Ottawa

What struck us about Michael’s submission is how sparse it was. We love a good noise floor. Keep an ear out for that low pitch at 2:14. What’s going on there?

Want to see more? Check out the rest on the Student Life page. Maybe you’ll see your work featured in March!