Magenta is a project from the Google Brain Team that tries to answer the question: “Can we use machine learning to create compelling art & music?” Previously we interviewed them to talk about NSynth, an instrument they built for Ableton Live. Here’s another incredible invention by the team: Magenta MIDI.

Magenta MIDI is an interface for Magenta’s set of MIDI-based models. It enables you to play music alongside a recurrent neural network in real-time. It’s a really exciting way to see how a neural net can respond to different inputs in unexpected, generative ways.

In this video, Parag Mital shows you how to set up Magenta MIDI, and then takes it for a test drive. (You can download the Magenta MIDI interface from GitHub.)

This video comes from the upcoming third course of the Program Creative Applications of Deep Learning With TensorFlow. The course launches next week! All three courses are now in Adaptive mode.

Creative Applications of Deep Learning With TensorFlow