For coders and developers all across the globe, November is a month dedicated to creative experimentation and process. The 30-day Codevember Challenge is a one-month coding spree that gives developers of all kinds a chance to experiment with new ideas and showcase their work. Every day new sketches are added to the the Codevember gallery, making a truly impressive collection. We’ve curated 30 of our favorites below, from creative coders worldwide.

Day 1: Robin Delaporte

codevember challenge robin delaporte day 1

What appears to be a bicycle magically transforms into a pile of surprises, once pressed.

Day 2: Madjid

codevember challenge madjid day 2

Strobe lights never looked so fascinating. See them in action.

Day 3: Renato Rena

codevember challenge renato rena day 3

 Looks like the wind blowing through a thousand long strands of hair—in microscopic view. What do you think?

Day 4: LantareCode

codevember challenge day 4 lantarecode

These rainbow studs have a mind of their own. Watch them go into a state of frenzy after clicking them.

Day 5: Dan Hannigan

codevember challenge dan hannigan

This kitty’s on a mission, but where to? Follow along with him on his adventure (spoiler: he doesn’t get very far).

Day 6: Giovanni Spolidorio

codevember challenge giovanni spolidorio day 6

Look who it is!

Day 7: Dronca Raul

codevember challenge dronca raul day 7

What online voting should look like. If only we had the option!

Day 8: Andrew Ashley

codevember challenge andrew ashley day 8

It’s the ace of code. The creator left a sweet message on the backside of the card. Flip it over to read what it says.

Day 9: Jessica Erandi Villa Bárcenas

codevember challenge jessica barcenas

We couldn’t help but share this perfectly illustrated pokeball. See what it does when you push the big white button.

Day 10: Pedro Cacique

codevember challenge pedro cacique

One word: beautiful. See it in action here.

Day 11: Akhil Sai Ram

codevember akhil sai ram

Don’t be surprised if this gives you the camping bug.

Day 12: Jeremie Boulay

codevember jeremie boulay

We could watch this one forever.

Day 13: Johan Karlsson

codevember johan karlsson

If spider webs were made out of elastic, it would look something like this.

Day 14: Godje

codevember godje

What revolving around the stars might look like.

Day 15: Brandon Cash

codevember brandon cash

We spy a butterfly, frog, and evil clown in this shape-shifting bunch of paint. What do you see?

Day 16: Mike Mangialardi

codevember mike mangialardi

This one’s called the “Book Man Mascot.” Pretty accurate.

Day 17: Tina Anastopoulos

codevember tina a

Who needs a magic 8 ball when you have Planet Oracle? Ask a question, you know you want to.

Day 18: Alexandre Rivaux

codevember alexandre rivaux

This looks pretty darn cool in action!

Day 20: JeanBaptiste PENRATH

codevember jeanbaptiste penrath

This illustration transforms into a totally different number each time…in slow motion.

Day 21: Johan Karlsson

codevember johan karlsson

Careful not to hypnotize yourself with this one.

Day 22: Pedro Cacique

codevember Pedro Cacique

Such a genius idea for an on-and-off switch.

Day 23: Max Kolyanov

codevember max kolyanov

Watch THIS.

Day 24: Soufiane Lasri

codevember soufiane

The detail that went into this animation is beyond amazing.

Day 25: Andrew Ashley

codevember andrew a

Pure talent. Seriously, this guy deserves to take a bow.

Day 26: David Dietle

codevember david dietle

Touch the cat’s eye to see what happens.

Day 27: Alexandre Rivaux


Very futuristic.

Day 28: Sasha

codevember sasha

What better way to wrap up Codevember than with a reminder that Christmas is right around the corner?

Day 29: David Dietle

codevember david d

Prepare to be amazed.

Day 30: Akhil Sai Ram

codevember akhil

Could this be motivation for a post-Thanksgiving workout? Who knows.