In our much-anticipated program Introduction to Motion Design, you’ll learn how to use essential creative tools to create dynamic animations.

The program will be taught by professor Allen Harrison from Ringling College of Art and Design. Holding an MFA in Graphic Design, Harrison has over 12 years of experience creating content for a variety of acclaimed brands, such as Oracle and National Geographic.

If it looks computer-generated and moves on the screen, it probably falls under motion design. Motion designers create everything from graphics to digital ads to film title sequences. Their work spans multiple disciplines, including animation, graphic design, storyboarding, and videography.

In this first course of the program, Animated GIFs, students will utilize stop-motion photography to create GIFs and simple animations. In addition to required materials such as a sketchbook and drawing tools, students will work with software programs like Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, the industry standard used in film, television, advertising, and other creative fields. By the end of the course, students will become familiar with the core techniques and principles of motion design.

For more information, watch the trailer below:

Introduction to Motion Design: Animated GIFs is the first course in the three-part series. The course begins today!

Introduction to Motion Design: Animated GIFs

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