Creativity thrives on communication, sharing, and critique, so we’re always looking for ways to help you connect with other artists and learners in the Kadenze community. Today we added a number of new features to do just that: here are the details.

Kadenze Messenger

The Kadenze Messenger lets you share media/file uploads, start conversations with anyone on Kadenze, and even make group chats, so you can form study groups, workshop projects, or just hang out. Details & help documentation are here, or you could go try it out!

Gallery Upgrades

We’re opening the galleries up: When you share your work on social channels like Facebook and Twitter, your friends can now see and comment directly in the Gallery, even if they aren’t enrolled in the course. Same goes for you, of course. Plus, we’ve made updates to make sure sharing from the Gallery is easy and seamless, and any playback media (like audio and video) will embed and play directly on social media.

Single Sign-On

One less password to remember! If you’re setting up a new account, you can just connect via Google, Facebook, or GitHub. (Current members, we’ll be rolling out a secondary update soon so you can add these connections to existing accounts as you please.)