Kadenze is joining forces with online electronics retailer SparkFun to provide an exciting new way for art and technology enthusiasts to learn the joy of creating projects using Open Source Hardware (OSH). SparkFun offers products and learning resources that are designed to make the world of electronics more accessible to the average person. Kadenze is a new online education platform specializing in creative arts and technology education, offering university-level courses and content at affordable prices.  Together, Kadenze and Sparkfun are combining their love of arts and technology to make STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education more accessible to everyone.

Kadenze SparkFun 2015 Group Photo
The SparkFun Team

Kadenze will coordinate with SparkFun to develop and launch new online courses in arts, embedded electronics, and open source hardware, using devices like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino. With direct collaboration from SparkFun Department of Education Engineer Brian Huang, these new courses will be relevant and innovative both in subject matter and production quality. Developing and delivering new online courses in sensory computing and customized electronics means that novice inventors and seasoned hackers alike can learn, while connecting with other like-minded students from all over the world.

The courses will also include special links to purchase relevant items in SparkFun’s website. That means students in the Kadenze community will be directly connected with the rich community SparkFun has built over many years, including access to detailed schematics, being able to directly explore related content included in their vast catalog, and learning even more through the various content already available on SparkFun, including blogs, tutorials, and reviews.  In addition, Kadenze will offer SparkFun members three free months of premium membership, which allows unlimited access to its entire catalog of online courses.

SparkFun and Kadenze share a deep love for changing the way people learn.  Joining these two communities is a match made in heaven, and we are both unbelievably excited about what the new partnership and courses can bring.  As has been our experience so far, the enthusiasm and hard work of the students/creators will demonstrate what a great idea this new partnership is.

Not a Kadenze Premium member? NOW is the time to sign up! All of our premium members will receive a special treat in their email inboxes tomorrow morning. The first 100 students who use the code in the email will get 10% off their entire purchase at SparkFun.com. Don’t miss out!