Today, we launched our newest computational design course: Computing Form and Shape: Python Programming with the Rhinoscript Library. This course is in partnership with the Rhode Island School of Design, taught by Carl Lostritto. Lostritto is currently Assistant Professor of Architecture at RISD and has taught courses ranging from the introductory level to the more advanced.

This 5-session course will explore topics such as Python syntax and scripting using the Rhinoscript library, the nature of curves and surfaces, the use of lines on 2-D surfaces, and projective methods. This course will test your understanding of algorithms and algorithmic design, and by the end of the course, you’ll have a deeper programming ability.

What you learn from this course is applicable in graphic design, programming, and other creative technology fields. This course is project-focused, and no computer programming knowledge is required, though familiarity with Rhinoceros modeling software is recommended. If you are a beginner and would like to explore the world of creative coding and modeling, try our Intro to Programming with p5.js course, or Intro to 3D Modeling with Maya.

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Python Programming With the Rhinoscript Library


This course is free to audit, which gives you access to all the lectures, materials, and forums for this course. However, if you would like to submit coursework and receive feedback on your assignments, you will need Kadenze Premium membership. Upon successful completion of this course, Kadenze Premium members will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment that can be shared with employers and colleagues.