On Tuesday, August 29, 2017, we released the fourth and final course, The Modern Music Technologist, in our Foundations of Music Technology Program. This course is in partnership with California Institute of the Arts, taught by Ajay Kapur, Jordan Hochenbaum, Owen Vallis, and Spencer Salazar.

In addition to a historical survey and synthesis of previous concepts, this program-exclusive course contains a capstone project that lets you apply the technology you learned in the first three courses in the program.

Foundations of Music Technology teaches three different technologies for sound synthesis: Ableton Live, Reaktor, and ChucK. Each of the first three courses is dedicated to one of these technologies, but The Modern Music Technologist is where you’ll really be able to apply all of your knowledge.

If you don’t have Kadenze Premium Membership, but you’re interested in Ableton Live, Reaktor, and/or ChucK, you’re in luck! The first three courses in the Program are available to audit for free. The Modern Music Technologist is only available to Kadenze Premium members who are also enrolled in the Program.

Throughout this course, you’ll be guided by CalArts faculty while you work on your capstone project. There are various checkpoints where you will receive critiques and feedback from instructors for the project. Your finished project will be a polished masterpiece—a great addition to your portfolio. Upon completion of the Program, users will receive a Specialist Certificate from Kadenze and CalArts.

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The Modern Music Technologist